Why sponsoring us ?

As you may know, hosting a radio is not free.
It requires various web services at different costs !

Unfortunately nowadays,
advert are everywhere on the Web !
To avoid it on our webradio and site ,
we need to create a donation system
or a paid registration system . . .

That 's why this project need your help !

To let everybody get access to this radio,
everyone 's contribution are welcome !

Well . . . Is that expensive ?

For more clarity, please have a look below
on our services and costs !

Of course, it 's clear
all donation will only be used
to improve Hit A Jam 's existence
and contribute to his future evolution !

On this picture, you will see our monthly
and annual subscription cost for ' ' Radio Start ' ',
on top, a hosting addition of 50Go per month.
It will allow to offer a mixed musical programming.

And, finally, the cost of the Sacem Tax imposed on Webradios.
It is necessary to add to this 80€ the VAT, plus the AGESSA 's contribution.
- Author Social Security Management Association -

That 's why, for this first year adventure, the total cost
for the maintenance of the radio is 66€ HT per month !

I rely on you !
If the radio make you live, give it life !

Please, use Paypal for all donations !
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