Why sponsoring us ?

As you may know, hosting a radio is not free.
It requires various web services at different costs !

Unfortunately nowadays,
advert are everywhere on the Web !
To avoid it on our webradio and site ,
we need to create a donation system
or a paid registration system . . .

That 's why this project need your help !

To let everybody get access to this radio,
everyone 's contribution are welcome !

Well . . . Is that expensive ?

For more clarity, please have a look below
on our services and costs !

Of course, it 's clear
all donation will only be used
to improve Hit A Jam 's existence
and contribute to his future evolution !

Below, you will find the different Radio King 's subscription.
The Mobil App will be only avalable if the current
player didn 't work on your smartphone.

On this picture, you will see our monthly
and annual subscription cost for " " Radio Start " ",
on top, a hosting addition of 50Go per month.
It will allow to offer a mixed musical programming.
I think I 'll take the monthly payment during the first year.

Here is the monthly and annual subscription for " " Radio Pro " "
and still the same hosting addition for the music !
I hope we will be able to cover the annual charge
from the second year of your Webradio.

And, finally, the cost of the Sacem Tax imposed on Webradios.
It is necessary to add to this 80€ the VAT, plus the AGESSA 's contribution.
- Author Social Security Management Association -

That 's why, for this first year adventure, the total cost
for the maintenance of the radio is 66€ HT per month !

I rely on you !
If the radio make you live, give it life !

Please, use Paypal for all donations !
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